After the occurrence of a shoulder injury, different people can experience different types of symptoms that affect each individual in different ways. Some people may experience mild pain, whereas other people experience severe pain that continues and even becomes progressive over time. So, understanding the common symptoms of a shoulder injury and the right time to visit a orthopedic doctor prevents progression, thus leading towards the path of recovery.

But you are perhaps thinking of the type of doctor to visit and scheduling an appointment. The best orthopedic doctor in greater Noida are educated to provide treatment to joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic medicine can provide different types of treatment to resolve the condition that cannot be provided by the primary health-care provider.

Reasons for shoulder pain

Different factors lead to shoulder pain. So, below are some of the common conditions that lead to shoulder pain and seek for best orthopedic doctor in Noida extension.

Arthritis: it arises when the cartilage that encloses the ball and socket of the shoulders starts to wear out.

Dislocation: when the upper arm bone dislocates the shoulder socket in the shoulder joint. It leads to bruising, swelling, and numbness.

Cuff Tears in the Rotator: It is the tear in the group of muscles and tendons that enable you to lift your arms and rotate them too.

Separation. It occurs when the ligaments connecting the shoulder blade and collarbone are torn. The collarbone is dislocated, hence creating a bump on the top of the shoulder.

Frozen shoulder: it is caused by the buildup of adhesions around the joint to confine your movement.

Cartilage tears are a form of injury to the cartilage around the rim of the joint. So, it causes pain when raising the arm overhead, a catchy sensation, and weakness.

When should you visit a shoulder surgery doctor in Greater Noida for shoulder pain?

A person may experience different types of symptoms affecting the health of the shoulder. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Rigidness of the shoulder
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Not able to move shoulders

You may want to seek shoulder surgery doctor in greater Noida as the symptoms get worse. So, below-mentioned are some points that inform you to seek medical intervention:

When you rest your arm, you may experience pain.

When your pain becomes more intense.

When your pain is not reducing even after resting

Increasing pan with movement

Experiencing weakness and numbness in the arm.

When you are able to see a lump or a swelling near the joint of the shoulder, If you do not seek treatment, then the pain even progresses and disturbs your routine life.